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Gratuitous Sherlock GIFs

Nine million pounds.

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The woman narrowed her eyes, a faint huff on her lips. “Sherlock. You know I can’t do that. If I fall asleep, you’ll just leave me when you run off on your next adventure.” And I wouldn’t be there to look after you. With military and medical skills both, Johanna always wanted to be in reach of Sherlock when he was off doing crazy, impossible things so that she could keep him safe and whole. If she fell asleep now, he wouldn’t wake her if he left.

"I’m worried." She said again, softly, and couldn’t help but think how similar she sounded to when she’d first tried to talk to Harry about her drinking. Worrried, ignored, frustrated.

{ ℋolmes } ;; ——

"Then sleep on my shoulder. Even you’d wake up if
 you fall down, I’m sure.” 

          { she was making a very persuasive argument, but he
            was so close. so, so close. if he stopped now, he
            would spend the rest of the night playing his violin,
            which would keep her awake the entire night. }

Title: State of Seduction
Artist: Digital Daggers
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State of Seduction - Digital Daggers - The Devil Within

Twisting and turning all according to plan

Your secret’s safe until there’s blood on my hands





{ Well. Caved and did a Sherrinford Holmes sideblog. }


"You need sleep, Sherlock, as do I. Rest, at the least, a period of less mental activity so you don’t burn yourself out. Wouldn’t it be devastating if the most brilliant mind the world has even seen, the brightest light, suddenly goes dark?"

She moved to stand across from him on the other side of the table, placing one hand on the microscope - lightly, careful not to move it, just to get his attention. “I’m worried, Sherlock, and exhasuted, and I can’t keep up with you when you’re likely this. Please.” It’s not a word she uses often with the detective but she’s past the point of caring, “We’ve been up on this case for almost two days; that’s not healthy.”

{ ℋolmes } ;; ——

        “Then rest.”

{ while he appreciated Johanna’s concern, the case was
  far too interesting for him to leave alone. a murder of
  a war veteran inside a room with locked doors and win-
  dows? he was virtually frothing at the mouth with this
  new form of entertainment. }

                             “I’m certainly not keeping you from a good night’s sleep.”


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